Push your channel’s metrics.



Push your channel’s metrics.

Avail YouTube Marketing service in India.

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Digital Daisy provides YouTube Marketing Service in India. YouTube marketing can be an effective strategy to promote your brand because it is a major video streaming platform. Our services assure you to rank your video in the top 3 positions consequently, you will get thousands of views. We are offering our service to YouTubers also who are willing to monetize their channel. For more information follow our hashtag #rankpopper on major social media platforms.

Our Youtube Marketing Service In India

Get YouTube Marketing Services In India.

Youtube marketing service in India is increasing day by day. There are over a billion YouTube users; it is the second-largest search engine after Google. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you must create it right now because digital marketing strategy for promoting your business is incomplete without YouTube.

With our YouTube seo service, you can reach the maximum number of people and consequently, expand your customer base. We will rank your video in top search results; hence you will get more organic views.

Our service is also available for YouTubers/influencers who are willing to monetize their YouTube channels. We assure you to increase your Channel’s authority with our white-hat SEO techniques. So, contact us anytime to get the best features of our youtube advertising agency India.

Our YouTube SEO services India are lucrative for business

Get YouTube Marketing Services In India.

How Our Youtube SEO Service Can Help Your Channel To Grow?

Youtube provides a dozen metrics for the purpose of analysis; this data is taken into consideration while planning a strategy. Our data analytics experts study this data and draw a conclusion out of it. Based on the conclusion, our SEO experts draft a strategy and execute the same.

We assure you to expand the reach and increase the subscribers of your video/channel with our Youtube seo agency and top SEO techniques, as a consequence you can get a golden button. 

Before - Graph goes down

YouTube Marketing Services Takes Your Business To Heights In India.

After - Graph rises

Promote Your Business With Youtube Marketing Services In India.

Features of YouTube SEO Service That Can Leverage Your Business/Viewer’s Base

YouTube has many features that can help your Channel to grow but below mentioned features are the one which can deliver results in a short time. 

YouTube Cards

Youtube cards are a rewarding feature for businesses and Youtubers. With this feature, you direct traffic to your website/blog (yes, ecommerce website too) or the other videos of your Channel as well.


Expand Your Customer Base With YouTube Marketing Services In India.


You will get more subscribers and video Viewers with Our YouTube Marketing Service In India.

Embed Videos On Third Party Website

Get More Likes And Comments With Our YouTube Marketing Service In India.

When you Embed your videos on third party websites, Youtube gives a reward to your videos and Channel authority also increases. This feature eases our road to the top position in SERPs.

Get More Comments/Likes

Let’s understand youtube’s algorithm first, the more the number of comments and likes on your video, the higher will be the ranking on the search result page. We can help you to get more comments and likes for more information contact us now! 

Add Links (CTA) Within The Video

This feature of youtube allows us to add a Call-To-Action button at any point in time in the video. With this feature, you can direct traffic from youtube to any website/app.

6 Step Strategy To Increase Subscribers Of Your Channel through Youtube Marketing Service In India

The top experts of the industry draft our strategy; it is tested and has delivered satisfying results too. Following is the explanation of our innovative and outcome-oriented approach.

Step 1 of youtube marketing agency in India

Channel/Video Audit

Before we get started working on your Channel, we need to know what progress you have made and where improvement is required. Our data analytics experts study the data of your Channel with YouTube Analytics. Based on their conclusion, an approach for your Channel is determined by Youtube seo agency.

Step 2 of youtube marketing agency in India

Keyword Research

Keywords are the major deciding factor in the ranking of your YouTube video/Channel. We perform extensive keyword research for your Channel and the target keywords are decided as per our confidential techniques. You can get similar keywords for your brand through techniques from Youtube seo service.

Step 3 of youtube marketing agency in India

Competitor Analysis

Based on the keywords research, we find your competitors and study them with SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat). We also decode their tactics which help in strategy-making for your Channel/video.

Step 4 of youtube marketing agency in India

Optimizing The Channel/Video

We outline a unique strategy for your Channel from the inputs received from the SWOT analysis of your competitors. Our SEO experts from Youtube advertising agency India execute the same strategy to knock-out your competitors.

Step 5 of youtube marketing agency in India

Assessment Of Our Work

In this step, we assess our work to find out what works and what fails for your Channel and we further optimize our strategy to deliver the best results.

Step 6 of youtube marketing agency in India

Result Analysis With YouTube Analytics

After executing and optimizing our strategies, we analyze the end-result of our work with Youtube Analytics.

YouTube SEO Ads Packages


Channel Optimization

1 Video Optimization

Guaranteed top 5 result for 1 keyword

5 backlinks

30 Days Delivery


Channel Optimization

2 Video Optimization

Guaranteed top 3 result for 2 keywords

10 backlinks

60 Days Delivery


Channel Optimization

3 Video Optimization

Guaranteed top 3 result for 3 keywords

15 backlinks

90 Days Delivery

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Digital Daisy is an outstanding SEO company and digital marketing agency in the US and India. We provide holistic solutions for all your internet marketing needs and youtube marketing service too. Talking about YouTube SEO, it is one of our USP. Our SEO experts are well experienced and committed to growing your business/YouTube Channel with their ingenious tactics and best youtube Marketing Service in India.

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