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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Being an SEO service providers, we understand that every business is unique and that is why our SEO services are custom-designed to achieve your business goals. Our excellent team which works on SEO ensures that your website beats all-important ranking factors used by Google and Other search engines.

Google randomly changes its ranking algorithm and being on the top of the page is trickier than it seems. This is why we are broadening our SEO marketing services in India to ensure that your website will rank on the first page when someone searches your service regardless of what changes Google makes. Being a pioneer internet marketing company, we create result-based SEO strategies and skyrocket your website ranking.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Market & Keyword Research

Our SEO developers have been highly trained in the art and science of SEO. We have enhanced our  SEO marketing services in India and keyword research process over the time to ensure your website is optimized for the search terms which your target customer use. 

Off-Site SEO

Link building is still a major ranking factor but if it is done incorrectly, it will cost you a lot. This is why we have trained SEO developers in a way that your site rank above all the competition. 

On-Site Seo

Our On-page optimization practices such as the addition of meta tags, description, image optimization and h1, h2, and h3 tag optimization. We also pay attention to the structure snipped and website speed. 

Content Marketing Services

Content is the Emperor in the world of SEO. Daisy works with Content Writers and SEO experts together to come out with the best content. Our content will ensure a result in the maximum conversion of sales.

For your SEO needs, engage with us – An internet marketing company in India  which is making rapid strides. 

Opportunity Planning:

The team of professional marketing consultant works with you to understand your business objective, performing an initial SEO AUDIT to start making strategies. By optimizing the whole website, we will provide you a complete and detailed SEO Audit report that will give you a deeper understanding of why your website is not generating the traffic or why your conversions are not improving.

  • In-depth competitor analysis with your competitor products, sales and marketing strategies.
  • Identify what your competitor is doing to drive concrete action
  • Identify opportunities to easily one-up them with a full-proof marketing strategy.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research and optimization in SEO is the first step for developing successful SEO of your site. It will attract your target audience through search engines like Google and Bing. This is why it is the most important phase to choose keywords based on competition and in your niche. The chosen keyword should be relevant to your website or page so that users and Google both can understand the topic and search engines can serve better results.

  • Research and Optimize popular keywords or phrases for your business.
  • Include short and longtail keywords strategically in your content
  • With thorough research and optimization, we gauge the effectiveness of the SEO plan.

Content Simulation:

Content Simulation involves planning, creating and sharing valuable content to attract the target audience and convert customers into repeat buyers. Content is the present and future of marketing that’s why content marketing should be part of your marketing approach. Search engine rewards businesses that publish quality content.

  • Identify the most effective content
  • Analyse whether the content strategy is effective to stay consistent
  • Improve content gap analysis over various competitors
  • Content is the king to drive inbound traffic and leads

Authority Optimization

Analyze the backlink profile for your niche on parameters that direct impact rank. As per Google algorithm, backlinks are the go-to ranking signal for any niche. Google focuses on quality links rather than quantity links so finding high-quality backlinks will improve your site rankings.

Your backlink profile directly tends to domain authority so the better the backlink profile, the better the domain authority.

  • Build high authority links as per Google guideline
  • Create regular backlinks to improve site authority
  • Disavow unwanted backlinks that prevent your site from ranking

Technical Optimization

Search engine like Google wants to present its users with the best possible result for their query. Therefore, Technical Optimization needed to maintain users’ experience, like how fast your page loads, what are your pages about and check if any contextual or technical errors need a fix. So, by improving technical aspects, we help your site’s content gets understood by search engines so it can be indexed at higher positions.

  • Check and fix technical and contextual errors
  • Improves Google page speed (Google loves it 😊)

Performance Monitoring

By setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we monitor how your site is performing. This insight will allow you to find new opportunities and identify your past failures. We continuously monitor and report your site’s performance over various factors. This includes checking your site’s health that allows your website to stay on top of your Google competitors.

  • Measure, track and compare organic search
  • Track leads and conversation from various geo locations
  • Proven improved ROI model to achieve desired results