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GMB Assurance

Dodge the pause.



Dodge the pause.

Backing Up Of Data Is A Part Of GMB My Business Assurance Service.

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Get GMB Assurance Service in India from Digital Daisy to prevent your GMB from suspension. Our dedicated account manager closely monitors your listing for any malicious edits or spammy reviews. Our service assures you to provide protection from suspension every time. For more information follow our hashtag #rankpopper on major social media platforms.

What Is Included In GMB Assurance Service

The GMB listing is the tool to get ranked in local search results and receive leads from the same. Safeguard your GMB from spamming and malicious edits done by your competitors. With our GMB assurance service, you save GMB from getting suspended hence, your business functions smoothly. 

To prevent GMB from suspension, our dedicated account manager will monitor the following aspects:

We also help you to get 5 star-rated reviews so that you can flaunt them with customers.

Our 6 Step Strategy for GMB Assurance

Our innovative strategy is developed to prevent your GMB from suspension

Backing Up Of Data Is A Part Of GMB My Business Assurance Service.

Backup all the data (i.e photos, service description and business info)

In case Of Suspension GMB Assurance Agency In India Inform You.

Inform you in case of suspension of GMB.

GMB Assurance Agency In India Reinstate Your GMB At No Extra Cost.

Reinstatement of your GMB at no extra. 

GMB Assurance Agency In India knock-out All The Malicious Edits.

Knock-out all the malicious edits and spamming reviews.

GMB Assurance Agency In India Monitor Your Daily.

Monitor your GMB daily.

GMB Assurance Agency In India Protect Your GMB From Suspension.

Stay protected and continue to boost your rankings in local search engine results with our GMB maintenance service.

GMB Assurance Pricing

30 Days GMB Assurance Service

Why Work With Us?

Digital Daisy is one of the premier SEO companies and digital marketing agencies in India. We are here to grow your business without any glitches. Our GMB assurance service ensures you to prevent suspension of your GMB. You can contact us for more details.


It allows you to list any business category that is legal whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or not that does not matter.

No worries, we will take care of it. If you want to change something on your monitored data, just send us the updated specifics and we will make the changes for you.

As we stated above, we will detect those edits and restore the proper information as soon as they happen.

It won’t if we don’t want it to. That is why it is called a suggested edit. It is nothing but a suggestion. Although, spammers & competitors may attempt, and sometimes succeed, in misdirecting the leads to go somewhere else. We will detect the upcoming spam/edit and discard it (it generally shows as an orange change in the dashboard) and you won’t need to do anything.

No, GMB Assurance costs $ 79 per month per location. Besides, you will not be charged a penny for the reinstatement of your listing if it gets suspended under our supervision.

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