Enterprise Development Model

Daisy helps to build enterprise-grade applications that uplift your business. 

Daisy Enterprise Development Program

Are you thinking of exploring new products or services? If so then Daisy aims to help businesses with building enterprise-grade applications that are different from the other web or mobile applications. With our extensive experience,

we fathom complex business logic and transform them onto a scalable platform with sophisticated architecture that compliance with the highest security practices and uplift your business.

The Need of Enterprise Solutions

In this mobile-driven era, the enterprise development program aims to support shrewd development, well-planned strategy, innovative implementation, and product development. With this development program, we launch a product or services that are more profitable than you precede. From our vast knowledge,

we know what it takes to bring business back on track, we check every detailed aspect before starting development, from brand analysis, market and competitor analysis, wireframing, UI/UX design architecture, testing product to maintaining it after deployment. By getting enterprise solutions, we assure you, you will get a product that not only looks good but attract old and new customers.

Our Enterprise Development Solutions

Agile Methodology

We follow agile methodology and during implementation, we use the iterative approach which allows us to use regression testing every time new functions or logic are released. And by practicing scrum, we deliver shippable high-priority features that assure high-quality in less time.

Product Research Design

Design research is as important as market research, it is a necessary part for creating, developing and deploying a successful product. We create artistic, intuitive and engaging UI/UX design that gives world-class user experience. And at the end of every sprint, user acceptance is performed with the use of the agile methodology.


For developing enterprise-grade applications, wireframing not an option, it’s a must. It helps to create the visual representation, utilize cutting-edge usability, recognize the ease of updates and allow for clarification of app features that make the design process perpetual which in turn saves time and money.

High-Performance & Scalability

We rely on scalable architecture for creating high-performance enterprise-grade applications. This means your application must be scalable which is able to process the requests of increasing numbers of users. That’s why we create a high-performing scalable application that can handle the increased load.

Security Management

As you conduct your business online and on mobile devices, the number of security thefts that targets sensitive data are also increasing. So, by considering this fact, we provide high-level security and guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the business’s data and information.

Scale-Up & Scale-Down Your Team

We give you the facility of team scaling. This means you leverage to scale-up or scale-down the team of developers, designers or QAs as per your project requirements.

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