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Who We Are? 



Who We Are?

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Who We Are

Digital Daisy is a Digital Marketing Agency based in India. We take our clients’ businesses as our own, our clients are family hence do everything that is possible & necessary for your business to perform at its maximum potential. 

We are to here deliver what conventional marketing would take years and years to achieve: The Top Spot. We are committed to make you reach at the top spot and we know you deserve it.

What Our Logo Signifies

Back then,

When we started this venture we were having a goal in our mind. We were single-mindedly dedicated to achieving it. The dot in ‘A’ represents the same. The loop in ‘D’ is symbolic of location pin, earlier we were having only one branch but now we are on the path of becoming a PAN India company. 


‘D’ of Daisy represents a face, earlier there was an eye only but now it is a full-grown face. The transition from an eye to a full-grown face is symbolic of our evolution. We have updated our techniques, new strategies are devised to stand tall in a competitive market. Hair is symbolic of our attitude ‘Go with the flow’. Back then, we were sturdy, fixated our eyes on a singular goal now we are flexible but our vision is unchanged. 

Our Mascot

Digital Daisy SEO

We wanted to brand our company as the one who provides equal opportunity to women at the workplace. At the same time, it has to reflect our values i.e honesty, innocence, empathy and our attitude: never stop learning. 

While ideating, we realized that this bunch of qualities can be conveyed with a character of an adolescent girl. Rather than a fictional character, we decided to cartoonize the face of Daisy (our founder’s daughter) and make it our mascot. Luckily, she possesses those qualities.  

Meaning Of Our Hashtag

The word Rankpopper is a combination of two words: Rank & Popper. ‘Rank’ refers to the ranking of your website on the search engine result page. ‘Popper’ is the one who pops-out rank on the search engine result page. Digital Daisy is your popper. 

P.S – Popping is a dance form and Daisy loves it. 

Our Tagline

At this moment your business is running smoothly. Your employees are happy, you are satisfied with profits but there is room for up-scale. Digital Daisy can give wings to your business. You can touch the sky, your profits could soar multifold. If you are hungry or want to bite a big piece of cake then collaborate with us.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to introduce digital marketing as a ‘mainstream’ channel to promote your business and sabotage the limitations of conventional marketing in this tech-dominated world. 

Our mission is to make the world a better place to do business by helping fellow businesses grow to their maximum potential with the help of our customizable digital marketing solutions and our diligent squad. 

Our Team

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